Useful links

Goal setting

Senior secondary students school Academic and Careers goals are recorded on kamar/student/profile/interview/ or on and can also be accessed through the RNLS school website login by parents and students.

Libraries – have plenty of resources to help with: Planning & running a business, Leading & managing staff, Career development and Employment

Scholarships – Money Hub and tertiary provider.

Youth Services – run to help students transition from school to work.

Blue Light Programme – to help at risk students transition and become motivated.

Limited Service Volunteer  –

Connected –  Ministry of Social Development funded help to find a job,

Learning Dificulties – Organisations that can help – tuition-online –                      

Diagnosing what exam help a student needs for NCEA may need a Child phschologist to diagnose ADHD, Dyslexia, FDSD, Dycalcular, and then state they need a reader, writer, computer, ….

Disabilities – Every tertiary trainer has extra opportunities to help people with disabilities, just ask them.