Scheme and Yearly Routines for years 1-13

Providing quality Christian education that equips and inspires all students to reach their life potential in order to serve God’s purposes

E           –           Excellence

A           –           Achievement

G           –          Godliness

L           –           Life Skills

E           –           Evangelism

S           –           Service

All of these six aspects are incorporated in the Careers Department.

YEAR 1 – 13 Careers, STAR, Work experience and Gateway

Through all our Careers programs we aim to:

  • emphasise the need for the secondary schooling years to be a ground for personal as well as academic vocational preparation.
  • raise the awareness of the great variety of career and vocational  training options available to students.
  • develop students with a realistic outlook of the opportunities available to them based on fact and motivate students to set goals and extend their learning in pursuit of these goals.

STAR programs: (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) Our aim is to offer in school and through other tertiary providers, courses which will further students learning, understanding and choices towards their career and work places.
In particular, the three aims of STAR are:

1) Transitions to the work place

2) Tertiary courses which motivate

3) Career pathways explored

Some STAR course information is shared with students who show passion or are low achieving in areas which there are courses available.

Work experience programs:  Our aim is to encourage and offer the opportunity to all students 15 years old and over to help confirm career ideas, explore possible career options and try out work placements.  This is conducted in a structured and legal way and is based on students using their own/school time.


Dual enrolement transition programs Our aim is to prepare individual students for career and work placements.  These transition programs are for Year 11 or 12 students who are wanting to leave school.  We use Years 12-13 study periods to help prepare students for tertiary training. See below for some current Dual Enrolment opportunities – for information on more opportunities speak to your career advisor.

Dual Enrolement Agriculture Programme – for more details follow this link:

Dual Enrolment Transport and Logistics Training – For more details follow this link:


                                         Gateway programs:
Our aim is to offer tertiary or industry learning unit standard qualifications while working in the work place – minimum of 10 days work – that will best prepare students for a possible career step.  In practical terms, this could be one day per week or as arranged. Catch up periods are then available for the subjects missed in work placement time.
Gateway is for students wishing to further their schooling while also starting tertiary study through a work placement.  The aim is to gain tertiary credits and confirm their career choices before leaving school.

To be eligible for this program a student needs to:

  • be motivated, self-disciplined and clear in their career direction(s).
  • have done either star courses and/or work experience that has helped them confirm their career choice.
  • have completed a My Learning and Career Plan via their student portal and state the advantages of why they seek to use the Gateway opportunity.

The steps surrounding the process for getting into a Gateway program are:

  • a student will complete and submit an application form;
  • a student will be interviewed;
  • the parents of the student are contacted;
  • a Gateway plan is completed, submitted and accepted by the outside assessor institution.  This plan also needs to be accepted by the parents, RNLS Head of Secondary, Deans, Form teacher and Careers advisor and of course the student.

Students need to complete 1 of each challenge laid out in the YNZC book – service, skills, expedition, physical recreation and residential. This is all pre-arranged, monitored and signed off by an approved supervisor to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Other information:  Career and Vocational Pathways information is available in the Library Annex and through notice boards, classroom teachers, school newsletters and secondary assemblies.  We also visit and run some Year 9-13 form times promoting careers or going to the computer lab to investigate websites.  Students may request information on areas of interest and we make every attempt to provide it for them.

There are a range of Career Quizzes and test available which give suggestions of suitable careers based on the individual’s skills, education and interest areas. We promote the Careers Quest program to all students from Year 7 onwards – various tests available can be found here

Guest speakers visit the school throughout the year to inform students of the training available to them, occupation opportunities, and relevant school subjects required in preparation for further study.  This serves to provide a broader and better informed career view for students, whether or not they have a clear idea of what they want to do.

  • RNZ Army,  RNZ Air Force, Canterbury university-CCE, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, other local tertiary providers, workplace bosses, entrepreneurial business ventures, Work and Income, Study link, Police, Insurance, motivational speakers, and other opportunities as they arise.
  • Field trips to Careers Expo, Tertiary institutions or specialised training centres take place each year.    Smaller groups are taken on visits to businesses and tertiary institutions all according to student interest.

Brief overview of year groups:
Years 1-6 – the class teacher makes the links through classroom studies to life, work and possibly reflect to students their more evident vocational aptitudes.

Year 7-8 – class time is allocated later in the year for two teachers to share their career life and also go through the Careers NZ website, Y7-8 Planit series career booklet, or alternate years a ‘ Plan my career ‘ pamphlet.  Students choose a brochure from the library annex from an area of interest to them to take away and share with their parents.

Year 9 –  Individual students fill in a brief questionnaire. Items on this include their top 4 career job choices, dream job and where next from school. We visit class form time introducing Careers NZ website, the quiz Careers Quest, and Subject Matcher.

Year 10 – The Holland Test is completed and recorded. Guest speakers come and students are given time out of class if it is one of their career choices.

A day is spent visiting two potential tertiary providers for each student in accordance to their career job choice(s).

Our Counsellor, Nancy, talks to all year 10’s about issues that may need to be resolved for their future and what work prospects they see and information they require. She fills in interview sheets which are referred to the Career Advisor.

Year 11-13 – Career  Expo at Horncastle Arena is attended by all yr 11 – 13 students.

Year 11 and younger students are encouraged to arrange their own work experience in their holidays except in special circumstances when early leaving becomes inevitable.

Year 11-13 students are given a STAR course lists and the option of saying what courses are in their line of career interest.

Students often choose extramural Unit standards through tertiary providers and some do this instead of a class in Telford Rural Polytechnic, Porse Early Childhood  or Travel and Tourism.

Students are offered to attend Ara ‘Experience Ara day’ mid-year and the Universities Discovery day in March.

Students have some class time to prepare themselves for their future work/career through producing a CV and other supporting documents for applying for scholarships and work.

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